Author: Lisa Egan

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How many times have you tried to lose weight, only to end up feeling frustrated and defeated?

Maybe you have lost a few pounds in the past – or even a significant amount of weight – only to gain it back, and then some.

How many times have you started a new diet, only to ditch it and go back to your former eating habits within a few weeks?

Have you tried every new diet plan in existence?

Bought every hot new bestselling diet book?

Experimented with all the latest weight-loss trends?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of those questions, I bet you are ready to try something different – something that WORKS.

If so, this is the program for you!

Body & Mind Transformation is an online program that includes virtual lessons, private Facebook group support with weekly Facebook Lives, self-assessments, encouragement and feedback from your coach (me!), and printable guides, checklists, tip sheets, infographics, and worksheets.

It is designed to help you learn how to lose the extra weight you’ve been battling with once and for all – and keep it off for life.

You’ll find this program is like no other – it combines every aspect of weight loss into one comprehensive program.

You will learn everything you need to know to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, including:

  • Setting your environment up for success
  • Gaining social support from friends and family
  • The basics of nutrition and weight loss
  • How to build your ideal diet (way of eating)
  • The best ways to track your progress
  • How to conquer cravings
  • Reducing/eliminating emotional eating
  • How to create healthful habits
  • Exercise basics and motivation
  • How to manage stress
  • How to improve sleep quality and quantity

The pricing for membership to this program is offered on a sliding scale.

You choose the rate that makes sense to you and fits your budget.

The three rates are:

  • Accessible: $15
  • Standard: $30
  • Generous: $60

Click Sign Up on this page and select your rate under payment options: Body & Mind Transformation

You’ll get lifetime access – take as long as you’d like to work through the material.

And, feel free to skip around and repeat lessons as needed.

You’ll also get access to my live sessions – these will occur at least twice a month. During the live sessions (which are hosted in Zoom, which is like an online meeting room), you’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback, and get inspired!

And, you’ll be invited to join my private Body & Mind Transformation Facebook group for additional support and encouragement – research shows that interacting with others with similar goals can help you stay motivated and reach your goals.

Are you ready?

Click here to get started: Body & Mind Transformation

Once you join, you’ll find an Affiliate Center in your dashboard. That’s where you’ll find your affiliate links. Share those with people you care about, and when they join, you’ll earn $5. Earn back what you invested in the program and then some!

Click the big blue box below to take a closer look at the program and to get started!

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This Body & Mind Transformation Program Will Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Are you ready to lose the extra weight you’ve been battling with once and for all – and keep it off for life? If so, this program is for you.

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