Why can I get to ~6.5% body fat without even trying on a vegan diet while lifting weights?

The answer might surprise you, it’s hydration!

Hydration is the Key

When you understand that the prerequisite to health (and I’d say gaining mass) is NOT calories, but hydration, your entire view of food starts to shift.

Despite humans being water-based organisms, people tend to know very little about the fluids in their body (i.e. their lymphatic system). The picture below shows an approximation of the fluids in your body. Depending on your diet, you may have more or less fluid inside of the cell vs outside of the cell (interstitial).

Interstitial fluid vs. Intracellular fluid
Creative commons image via wikimedia.

There are two qualities to the fluid you take in:

  • The quantity (water rich or water depriving)
  • The quality (astringent value or anti-astringent value)

Most people think that drinking water is the key to being hydrated. This is patently false. You can drink a large quantity of water and not be well hydrated because of the foods you consume.

Understanding Interstitial Hydration

Your body has two functions for water (as it relates to diet):

  • Intracellular hydration
  • Extracellular hydration

When you eat foods that cause an acidic condition (acid ash vs. basic ash) internally within your body, your body has to use the water in your body to protect your cells from the acidic condition. Otherwise, you get things like cancer.

Worse yet, most foods that cause an acidic condition actually rob your body of water because they don’t contain much water themselves. Just imagine how it would feel if a piece of bread came out the same way it feels going in!

Even worse, your body’s waste elimination process can slow down and absorb waste bi-products when eating diets high in protein and fat because of the lack of fiber.  Absorbing waste adds to your cellular protection work because you now have waste in your system.

So, foods like bread (dry and acidic), meat (acidic and, when cooked, also drier) have two massive impacts on the hydration of your body.

  1. It deprives your body of water because of their dryness.
  2. It turns the interstitial fluid of the body acidic.

When the interstitial fluid (between the cell) in the body is acidic (i.e. inflammatory), your body has to repurpose the fluid inside of the body to not be inside of the cell (where it should be) to be outside of the cell.  So, the ratio of intracellular to interstitial may shift a little as a protective mechanism in order to not damage the cells themselves.

This happens when you eat a diet high in the foods listed before and highly processed foods.

Clearing Lymph with Astringent Fruit

So, what happens when your body becomes hydrated and which types of foods hydrate you?

When you abandon eating foods that cause an acidic condition in your system and you stop eating foods that deprive your system of fluids, now you create a “perfect storm” of hydration internally for your cells.  Your cells no longer have to protect themselves from the inflammation causing foods, which is the highest priority, now it can repurpose the fluid for fat removal.

Being in this hydrated state starts to make positive changes on the hormone-producing glands within the body. These hormone-producing organs start to work much better and can positively impact fat being broken down, as shown in the image below.

Image from fat cell breakdown on howstuffworks.com

You likely picked it up previously, but in order for you to be hydrated, you have to stop eating foods that cause an acidic condition in the fluid between the cells (interstitial).  Since you stopped eating those foods, which foods do you replace them with?  Fruits and vegetables most likely!

Fruit, in particular, has a quality to the fluid contained within it that is called the astringent quality. Astringent foods cause cleaning or “pulling” of the lymphatic system.  Rather than adding things into the lymphatic system, these foods pull things out of the lymphatic system.

The combination of stopping eating anti-astringent foods (things that add to your lymphatic system) and beginning eating much more astringent foods and increased gland function kicks your ability to eliminate fat into high gear. Dropping unneeded weight when your elimination channels are working optimally becomes trivial.

In a future article, we’ll get into what is culturing medium and understanding how Germ Theory is and has always been wrong.

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