Heat Up Your Immune System with Habanero Peppers

Hot peppers boost your immune system

Good health isn’t possible without a good immune system to fight off all of the nasty things out there in the world today.  But you don’t need Big Pharma to (cough) “help” you improve your ability to fend off illness. Whether you are trying to resist the common cold, the seasonal flu, or something far more serious, the key to this is as close as your own backyard vegetable garden.

One of the best peppers for this is the humble habanero. This tiny little pepper packs a big punch, and not just in flavor. Check out the health benefits of habaneros!

One of the hottest peppers, the small, red-hot habanero, provides exceptional health benefits, too. The oils in these peppers put fiery heat and flavor into Tex-Mex dishes while doing some amazing things for your overall health.

In addition to the benefits listed above, habanero peppers can also help:

  • Trigger endorphins
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Supports circulation
  • Promotes normal, balanced blood pressure
  • Fight potential heart disease


Habanero season is short, but you can reap the benefits throughout the entire year by creating a spicy tincture to take at the first sign of illness.

However strange it may seem to talk about colds and the flu in the middle of August, as any good planner knows, it’s time to think ahead.

‘Tis the season for pepper juice planning!

What is pepper juice? It is the cringe-worthy yet beloved name of my go-to tincture for all things sick-related. As my kids know, it’s the answer to everything.

Sore throat? Pepper juice. Sniffles? Pepper juice. Cold and flu season preventative? Oh yes, pepper juice.


This recipe was first secreted away by medieval knights who swore to protect its identity and… okay, not really. I got it from a friend. 

Although this wonderful, spitfire concoction is made with simple, every day ingredients, its results are anything but ordinary. How do I know? Just call me the voice of experience.

Our family started using pepper juice over five and a half years ago and we haven’t gone to the doctor for anything like colds, the flu, earaches, or sore throats since. In fact, our family bypassed one of the worst flu seasons I can remember thanks to pepper juice.

So what is in this miracle tincture? Nothing miraculous — just beautiful, healthy, natural ingredients, fresh from your summer garden, or purchased as organic produce. (source)

Always remember that the products you make to improve your health are only as good as the ingredients you use to make them.  Start with pure, organic ingredients.  If you don’t have them growing in your own garden, check out your local farmer’s market this weekend!

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Even if you don’t have a garden, hot pepper tincture can still be yours.

Learn how it works: this article explains how hot peppers boost your immune system.

When growing your own peppers for healing, always start with organic seeds